Popular 10 min presentation about Greenometry:
Why Don’t We Know Our Carbon Footprint?

Greenometry presentations at MIT:
May 2017
Feb. 2017

Greenometry presentation in Northeastern University:
Presentation, Jan. 2017

Presentation for executives on resource productivity:
Resource Productivity: The 21st century KPIs (LUX Executive Summit)

Technical Papers

Using data science to establish better conversion factors from grid electricity to carbon footprint

E. Kodra, S. Sheldon, R. Dolen and O. Zik; The North American Electric Grid as an Exchange Network: An Approach for Evaluating Energy Resource Composition and Greenhouse Gas Mitigation; Environmental Science & Technology (2015) 49, 22

Analyzing the carbon footprint of nuclear and hydroelectric power
S. Sheldon, S. Hadian and O. Zik; Beyond Carbon: Quantifying Environmental Externalities as Energy: A Case for Hydroelectric and Nuclear Power; Energy (2015), 84, 36

Measuring water as energy
S. Sheldon and O. Zik; Water Scarcity: An Energy Problem; ASME International Mechanical Engineering IMEC 2012-88241

Implementing Greenometry / EP in companies
N. P. Melville and O. Zik; Energy Points: A New Approach to Optimizing Strategic Resources by Leveraging Big Data; IEEE  Computer Society, January 6, 2016; ISBN: 978-0-7695-5670-3

The basic idea of Greenometry and EP
N. Kulatilaka and O. Zik; The Sustainability Babel Fish; Sustainability Science (2011) 8, 295


Popular Papers/Whitepapers

O. Zik and B. Rebozo; Total Energy Resource Productivity: Math Not Myth, Sustainable Brands Metrics, August 16, 2013

O. Zik; Why Regionality is Key to Accurate Resource Consumption Decision Making, Sustainable Brands Metrics, May 15, 2012

O. Zik; California Is Not Running Out Of Water, It Is Running Out Of Cheap Water; Water online ,May 15, 2015

O. Zik; Wanted: A Single, Unifying Metric for Quantifying Source Energy; Sustainable Brands New Metrics, April 10, 2014

M. Bunger and O. Zik; Volkswagen’s Errors of Emission Lead to an ObNOxious Destruction of Value

O. Zik; Energy Productivity and Environmental Impact: Math and Common Sense, GreenTechMedia, November 15, 2013

Content we love/use

Obama’s article, highlights the past and future challenges and some of the accomplishments

The business impact of climate change (decade old and still spot-on)

The impact of climate change in one chart
Brian C. O’Neill et all; IPCC reasons for concern regarding climate change risks, Vol 7, Jan.2017

Free online book by the late David MacKay –  the basis of quantitative sustainability using energy as a metric
MacKay D.; Sustainable Energy–without the Hot Air, UIC Cambridge; (2009)

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What can technologists do about climate change?

Life Cycle Analysis online free textbook – Free Textbook and Other Learning Resources for the LCA Community

Technical book on Environmental Problem Solving
J. Harte; Consider a Spherical Cow by John Harte

Overview of energy transitions
Vaclav Smil’s multiple books. Especially:
Energy Beginner’s Guide

Decision making: quantitative vs. qualitative
D. Kahneman; Thinking Fast and Slow (2011)

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